Dear Friends,

Everyone is a unique creation open to be molded through experience. We are born with a container called “the body”, and we are all pre-wired, yet open for configuration.

This newsletter is a collection of insights, stories, learnings, advice if asked for, sentiments, and tools and techniques to stay focused and nimble in a digitally distracted world.

I write for many reasons; as a thinking method, for learning, for meditation, for story creation, for letters, and movement insights. I cannot expect you to be interested in every post. I try to keep at least a weekly cadence and, in addition to that, share tools, resources, and stories regularly.

We live in an information-abundant society and I don't have the goal to overfill your inbox. I also wish to avoid trendy click bates, popular cultural trends, and current events. I anticipate that the majority of the posts in this newsletter will hold value for reading in years to come.

Most of my posts will be free, and I always seek extra sparring partners to grow our collective knowledge. So, of course, I would be happy if you would subscribe.

I spend most of my time outside office hours and family - commitments, writing these letters. So if you want to contribute and grow with me as a paying member, you will not only help me with my goal to work more independently, but you will also have the opportunity to contribute to future content.

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Jonas Achouri Sihlén

I write daily about the art of software development and how we can be better at communicating, as humans. Distributed to a growing group of software engineers and tech leaders.